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EVA Snow Camo Split Grip Set for Spinning Rods

$9.99 USD

Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to install, this Snow Camo EVA Split Grip Kit features our SG95 grip and SB70A butt which are perfectly sized for any spinning rod. They pair perfectly with most size 16, 17, and 18 reel seats and add winding checks to finish with a clean look!

The great part about a split grip is as a custom rod builder, you can create the perfect handle length to fit the fishing application your custom build is designed to address. 

High quality and unique, make your custom rod build stand out with these stylish grips. 

Kit contains 2 SG43s and 1 SB70A in Snow Camo EVA

Part Length OD
SG43 Grips 43mm
SB70A Butt 70mm 28mm 12.5mm