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NG Series Rod Blanks

*** COVID-19 shutdowns have impacted the supply of the US made carbon fiber prepeg used in our NG blanks. NG blanks will be made available once supply chain disruptions have been resolved. ***

NG Series rod blanks, the flagship offering for Hydra Fishing, meet Hydra's specific design requirements and demand for a highly responsive fishing rod blanks that increase contact sensitivity and increase fish landing percentages.
All NG Series rod blanks feature 125 GSM carbon cloth in either SFD or REVD patterns. Scrimless Fiber Design (SFD) eliminating the use of fiberglass or carbon paper scrimand represents an entirely new approach to rod blank design. Since 2013, Hydra's SFD rod blanks have set a high bar for both sensitivity and dependability while maintaining weights as much as 9% lighter than traditional blank designs.
Some NG Series blanks make use of REVD or Revolutionary Design. While still using a 125 GSM carbon cloth, REVD blanks feature multi-modulus layups, precise plotter cut patterns or a combination of advanced technologies. REVD blanks tend to be technique focused, so they do not fit into a traditional layup nor work with our SFD designs.

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